Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Liar Game

Liar Game is an interesting movie. Trust, Treachery, Honesty, Lies, this drama really shows how rotten people can be. But amongst all, there are a number of kind hearted people, will the rotten environment turns her into a bad egg? or will she be successful to touch other people heart? This movie is definitely worth a watch, too bad it's only 11 episodes, I am wanting for more!! :) Enjoy

Episode Summaries
01 What happens when you find 100 million yen at your doorstep? However behind this lies great dangerous game.
The Liar Game!
02 Struggle till the end.
Akiyama's secret plan?
03 2nd Stage of Liar Game, now the prize is increased to 2.2 billion yen. Winner gets it all, who will?
04 X true color.
The outcome of X vs Akiyama? Akiyama team is losing out?
05 The shocking conclusion!! in the end, who won the 2.1 billion prize!?
LGT's true motive is!?
06 A Revival round!! X is owning again!
Can Nao fights alone ?!
07 Restructuring is inevitable!! Nao fails to gain even a vote!!
She definitely need a miracle to win this.
08 Akiyama amazing winning strategy, totally owning. Nao concerns for all the contestant. The feared 3rd Stage of Liar Game starts right away!
09 A Team Contraband game, fighting against a formidable opponent.
Nao & Akiyama's new battle starts!
10 Yokoya's dominating, Akiyama turns emotional! A sure to lose out game?!! Is there any chance to win this?
11 The final episode turns back the time and summarise the story. Honesty, Trickery, Trust! Who will win the Liar Game Battle in the end? And the man behind it?

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Anonymous said...


On totally clueless, you mentioned that the scanlations were really slow.

If you’re looking for fast ones, go to “Project Liar Game” at (relatively new)! They released 8 chapters in 2 weeks! :D

Apparently the contraband game plays out quite differently in the manga, and better too.

Sorry if you already knew this!